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As a Project-Based Service – FACT handles all the following construction requirements:

  • Bids & Estimates
  • Change Orders
  • Project Payment Tracking
  • Requests for Payments from Subs
  • Request for Payments to Clients (and Architects)
  • Continual Updating of Project Files

Say Goodbye to Paperwork – Say Hello to FACT

What You Gain
  • Peace of mind
  • Ability to exponentially grow your business
  • Maintain better customer service & business relationships
  • Reduce staffing and overhead
  • Freedom to go about life and business as you choose

Estimating Essentials

There is no better way to establish a Healthy Construction Project than FACT Construction Estimating. The foundation for winning results starts with proper planning. Proper planning means proper Estimating.

Estimating Services

No Unanswered Questions

Education, Training, and over 37 years of experience means a Superior ability to review a projects construction scope, establish costs, and share the information with our clients. There’s no substitute for better results.


Keys to Construction Success

Knowledge is power, and our professionally prepared Estimates hand you the keys to success by maintaining positive experiences and fulfilling all your construction needs.

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FACT did not meet my expectation – They exceeded them.

It’s about time! Finally, a company that genuinely and authentically provides exceptional service in an industry that often has numerous frustrating processes. FACT did not meet my expectation – They exceeded them. I was given a clear and concise understanding of how they would accomplish everything required. This was followed by proactive communications through emails, phone calls, and text message updates. I never had to worry or wonder what was going on, and if I did have a question or curiosity, it was addressed immediately.

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