Caring, Diverse, and Experienced

With an unbiased and professional approach, FACT takes all guess work out of the equation. With over 37 years in the construction industry, we obtained superior knowledge and the abilities necessary to estimate projects successfully. Construction projects start with an accurate and comprehensive estimate. Your FACT Estimate will be the most effective tool you can use to succeed.


Timely to thorough
  • Peace of mind
  • Ability to exponentially grow your business
  • Maintain better customer service & business relationships
  • Reduce staffing and overhead
  • Freedom to go about life and business as you choose
Have peace of mind and rest assure, FACT’s got you covered!

FACT’s Overwhelming Credentials Qualified for $1,000,000 in Bid & Estimating Insurance Coverage.

Vast Experience & Education for over 37 Years throughout LI & NYC

  • Estimating & Bid Preparation
  • Administrative Support
  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Construction Management / General Contracting
  • Permits & Processing
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Insurance Claims / Structural Damage Reports
  • Property Development Cost Assessments
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Data Science
new york institute of technology
American Institute of Architects
Say Goodbye to Paperwork & Hello to FACT!

Administrative Services that take all the paperwork away leaving you to successfully run your business with peace of mind and comfort.

Uber of Construction
  • Hired on a per project basis
  • No need for:
    • Full time staffing
    • Employee payroll/taxes/benefits
    • Office space & computers
    • Passing on lucrative bid opportunities
    • Missing deadlines
    • Doing paperwork