Administrative Services

Professional Construction Document Processing / Job Cost & Money Tracking

Paperwork is an essential part of all business but is often a distraction from running your business successfully and growing. With FACT Administrative Services all your paperwork requirements are professionally managed so you can go about running your business with peace of mind. Take more time engaging you customers, working with you staff, overseeing construction project, and leave the paperwork to FACT.

Project Money Tracking

Specialized spreadsheets are created often as a continuation of the original FACT Reports and Bid Preparation Services. Budget costs are tracked in real time and applied to RFP’s (Requests for Payments) so there is a crystal-clear understanding of why funds are requested and how they are expected to be applied to the project.

Requests For Payment – RFP’s

Subcontractors and Suppliers Request Payments by filing out a FACT RFP Chart. In turn this information is utilized to create a RFI to the Clients. Each Request requires approvals for release of funds. The system takes all guess work and ambiguity out of the equation shows each facet of the requests along the way.

Lien Releases

Each payment requires execution, notary, and signature from the recipient to legally absolve the owner of responsibility to pay funds above and beyond what has been arranged and agreed upon.

Change Orders - CO

Construction project wants and needs lead to changes to the original budget. Change Orders are thoroughly reviewed to ascertain what the new scope is, why it is being applied to the project budget, and how much the overall impact will be to the project costs. This can occur in every category of construction and is tracked regularly.

Contracts & Agreements

Subcontractors, suppliers, owners, general contractors, etc. all have a form of agreement to provide services in exchange for funds. Formal signoffs and paperwork are put together with a clear understanding of responsibilities, tasks, and expectations.

Requests for Information - RFI’s

Combining numerous offices and information is a necessary part of the construction process. Regular communication is a key ingredient to success. FACT combines all the information and efforts made from each office so there is a clear and cohesive understanding of what information needs to be exchanged and applied to the projects.