Professionally Prepared Estimates

Establishing an accurate and concise estimate is the most important criteria for a successful construction project. Every line, letter and number on a set of plans needs to be analyzed. FACT Construction Estimating provides the services required to properly cover costs, which leads to jobs done properly and cost effectively.

Clients benefit from a professional estimating team that:

  • Prepares site-specific estimates based on current data and information
  • Utilizes software to break down plans and compile all unit costs
  • Shows specific costs for all vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Shows labor force required for each task involved in the construction process

When a project is professionally estimated, positive results follow. Laying the ground work for success depends heavily on proper planning, and the best way to plan is to have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Administrative Services
  • All paperwork processing & construction administration
  • Project payment tracking – to subs/suppliers
  • Project payment tracking – architects & clients
  • Change Orders – CO
  • RFP – Requests for Payments – Architects & Owners
  • RFP – Requests for Payments – Sub Contractors & Suppliers
  • Construction Contracts – AIA & Legal Forms
  • Lien releases – subs and suppliers
  • RFI – Requests for information – Architects, Clients, Sub-Contractors, Suppliers etc.
Bid Preparation & Estimating Services
  • Residential Construction Bids & Estimating Preparation
  • Commercial Construction Bids & Estimating Preparation
  • Project Tracking Spreadsheets
  • Bid Leveling & Comparisons
  • Sub-Contractor Estimating
  • Materials Take-Offs
  • Value Engineering
  • Design-Build Services / Drawings
  • Project Feasibility Studies (pre-construction/conceptual estimate phase)
  • Homeowner Estimating Services
  • Insurance (damage) submittals
  • Real Estate – construction cost or repair analysis for buyers and seller
Permit Processing & Filing
  • Building Department
  • Department of Health Services
  • Wetlands & Conservation Dept.
  • Planning Department
  • Covenants – Wetlands, Pl
  • Overlay Districts (aquifer/agriculture)
  • Board of Trustees
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • I/A Septic Review/Engineering
  • Architecture / Engineering
  • Legalization & CO’s
  • County Clerks Office
  • SWPPP – Engineering