Audrey and Mehmet Homeowner

What we received back exceeded our expectations.

We reached out to FACT during the late design stage of a new construction build that we were planning. They were very thorough in explaining how the process worked and where to expect value. After a few weeks of back and forth we decided to move forward with the estimation for our proposed job. What we received back exceeded our expectations. True to form, it was a line item detail of what was in our plan, showing expected cost by labor and material, in many cases supported by up to date estimates from local + reliable contractors. We were able to use this feedback to prioritize various phases of our project, finalize design and material choices, and overall put us in a more confident state when interviewing contractors. It’s hard to pinpoint the overall savings that we achieved, but it’s certainly evident to us that we would not have been as confident in our choices had it not been for the FACT report that we were able to reference over and over. Thanks again to Team FACT for their hard work and commitment to quality.

Corporate Executive - Harto

Their design-build expertise was a bonus given the complexity of the project.

Convert a Church to a Co-Working Office Space. Sound easy……its really (really) not. Unless you hire the right people. FACT was able to accomplish everything we needed and did so with a level of professionalism typically reserved for the 5-Star hospitality industry. FACT’s Bids & Estimates were spot-on and allowed our company to map out precisely how we would budget and successfully build. Finally, the Building permits. Zoning, Planning, Conservation / Easements, Landscape, Roads / Highway, Covenants, Building Department, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, the list goes on. Regardless of the complexity, FACT processed everything required with absolute success and they consistently updated us throughout the process. Sometimes you get lucky. We sure did with FACT.

Audrey and Mehmet Homeowner

FACT went above and beyond to solve our issue.

The FACT team researched and gathered all of the relevant documentation for our home, and subsequently followed up on all required department of health, building and town code permits to be able to quickly accomplish our home renovation and conclude it with the required approvals. We highly recommend FACT to anyone going through the permit, building and code process in Long Island!

General Contractor

Send and you shall receive.

Send FACT your plans and receive the most professionally prepared Bid & Estimating Report you have ever seen; by far. We have never missed a deadline, never been caught short, and all the bids FACT has generated have gone to contract - All of them! If you are still reading this – Stop. It’s time to get the FACTs.

General Contractor

FACT’s professionalism and industry knowledge rivals the infrastructure of large construction companies.

When you have regular access to millions (and millions) of dollars of construction work but no infrastructure or administration office, what do you do? Our company’s only weak link or Achilles’ heel was processing the inordinate amounts of paperwork required for today’s construction projects. This led to missing out on projects we could easily construct; but would not have an opportunity to bid without the proper administrative support. Sometimes our paperwork wasn’t bad – it was non-existent. FACT changed all that, and in response completely altered our business for the better. We don’t leave any plans on the computer, we never miss a bid deadline, and we have been awarded enough new construction projects to require hiring a full-time field manager. In addition to material & labor take-offs, spread sheets, & bid preparations, FACT stays on each project for Administrative Services. By doing so, we now provide our clients and architects high level professional preparation of Contracts, Change Orders, RFP’s (Requests for Payments), Lien Releases, Sub-contractor Payment Tracking, and so much more. FACT’s professionalism and industry knowledge rivals the infrastructure of large construction companies. With them on our team, we easily compete with the bigger offices. Think David and Goliath…. and guess who’s winning. We highly recommend calling FACT to propel your business (and life) to the next level.

Meghan Corwin Moore

Responsive, professional, and helpful

We are working with FACT now on a high end residential project and from the start they have been responsive, professional, and helpful, in addition to providing timely and accurate cost estimates. They are knowledgeable and worked with us to complete a thorough concept phase estimate which was very helpful for our client despite very little information. We will continue to work with FACT for this project as it proceeds and highly recommend them to others. It is a small cost compared to the cost of the job that the client is happy to pay to have better cost clarity.


There’s only one way to put it – Where has FACT been my entire construction career!

After working in the industry for over 40 years, although construction itself is often grueling, there is nothing more agonizing than the paperwork requirements. FACT takes the anxiety and stress away by handling all your paperwork and processing needs. They relieved us of countless hours (weekends, nights, time away from family) required to properly prepare bids, a tremendous undertaking and responsibility. In turn they enabled us to go about the business of construction, focusing instead on the architect’s intentions, daily site work, and client’s needs. It’s as simple as that. The value we receive back is priceless. Our only regret is not having them on board sooner.

Construction Manager

To be honest, I didn’t get into the construction industry to do paperwork.

I understand and respect that these days it’s necessary to produce spread sheets with all types of data to support your bids and estimates. FACT allows me to take on any project with the confidence that all costs have been accounted for and my client’s needs are covered. I also never need to say no or pass on projects because I don’t have time to put a bid together properly. Not only does this help my company, but also the countless others like suppliers, sub-contractors. It basically keeps the construction economy moving forward. Now, I receive the drawings and send them right over to FACT. The project is properly analyzed, spread sheets are executed, and sub-contractor / suppliers are contacted for all the job costs – project specific - site specific – completed in a timely and professional manor.

Wrobel and Etyal Homeowner

FACT delivered for us, in a timely manner and for a fair price

We are pleased to write this letter of recommendation for FACT Construction Estimating. Several months ago, during the permitting process for a second-floor addition to our home, we were told that a variance request was required. While searching for a person or company to prepare the variance request, we were referred to FACT by a prominent architecture firm. We interviewed FACT, as well as the principals of several other companies. FACT stood out as being experienced, knowledgeable, reliable, and good communicators. We retained FACT and were extremely pleased with the entire team throughout the entire process – right through to the granting of the variance. FACT delivered for us, in a timely manner and for a fair price. They are a pleasure to work with and, should the need arise, we would gladly work with him and FACT again.

General Contractor

The attention to detail is top-class

Recently FACT Construction Estimating put together bid packages for a few of our upcoming construction projects. Not only was the turnaround time impressive, but the attention to detail is top-class. The experience and insight of the team at FACT is as much appreciated as their availability and flexibility. We look forward to our next project with FACT.

Smith Homeowner

FACT consistently provided timely and helpful advice

We wanted to thank you for the outstanding guidance, service and success with our recent project. FACT consistently provided timely and helpful advice as well as expert work in what is otherwise a burdensome and complicated process. Your patience with our many questions and emails as well as your responsiveness is really unparalleled considering the many projects we’ve done over the years. I can and will always recommend FACT for the many services you offer. It’s been a pleasure!

Jason Thomas Architect

They are great on communicating to the team

If I was to speak directly of FACT’S best qualities, I would have to say they have fantastic work ethic and are someone we can trust completely. They are great on communicating to the team (architects, builders, clients), Matt is always great on answering any questions we might have. At FACT, they have a clear system that lets the client / architect know how we will complete the task at hand in a clear and efficient way. During the year FACT has helped us in three separate projects, there endless services has helped us obtain a demo / building permit, they have provided two residential bid reports, and are always on-top tracking where each project is at. Our office is quite small, and since COVID our workload has nearly tripled. FACT has been great in helping us get through our bigger projects from point A to Z. With all the new changes in departments they are aware of getting the right information out to everyone. It’s truly a pleasure to work with everyone at FACT Construction Estimating and definitely someone you need on your team.

Business Owner & Homeowner

FACT did not meet my expectation – They exceeded them.

It’s about time! Finally, a company that genuinely and authentically provides exceptional service in an industry that often has numerous frustrating processes. FACT did not meet my expectation – They exceeded them. I was given a clear and concise understanding of how they would accomplish everything required. This was followed by proactive communications through emails, phone calls, and text message updates. I never had to worry or wonder what was going on, and if I did have a question or curiosity, it was addressed immediately. They charge a real fee for their services and in return I received (much) more than my monies worth. I began recommending them prior to my project being completed. Since then, they accomplished more than I asked for and are now even more highly recommended. Thanks FACT!

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