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Construction Administration Essentials

FACT Construction Estimating and Administrative Services combines all the requirements you need to win the bid, professionally & successfully run your construction projects, and sees through the litany of paperwork & processing. Its time to take control of your life and business. It’s time to get the FACT’s.

It’s time to get the FACT’s.

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With a background in Architecture, we are aware that often a client’s needs and desires do not match their budgets. FACT works closely with Architects, helps them communicate with their clients, and balance Architecture with Budget. Each phase of the project will be analyzed and effectively estimated to help ensure everyone is well prepared.

General Contractors / Sub Contractors

FACT takes the stress, burden, and immense amount of time required for proper estimating away from you so you can go about the business of Building. With an open relationship that allows you to attend to all the other facets of your business, FACT takes on the cumbersome task of compiling all the information to submit your bid successfully. If you have pre-desired trades, labor rates, or a target profit and overhead, just let us know, and we will tailor the submittal to your needs.


We hand you the playbook, you make the call. A FACT Construction Estimate provides the information you need to complete your project successfully. It is also an excellent way for you to create a dialogue with companies bidding on your project, reviewing with your Architects, selecting materials and finishes, and the list goes on. If you want to see real costs for an entire projects – start with the FACT’s.

Business Owners / Developers

Challenges for businesses often revolve around whether or not a construction project and investment will pay off. We provide the construction costs and analysis required to make important decisions about your future and the future of your company.


The impact of Interior Design is sometimes difficult to project. Very often, how a designer re-develops a space can have additional impact on surrounding areas, and these areas often trigger unforeseen work and costs. FACT pulls together all parties involved, assess the impacts made to the spaces, attributes costs, and helps set a complete budget.


Closing the deal often involves a potential buyers desire to do work on a new purchase, an existing owner’s need to repair existing conditions, or an engineer’s report that requires a value to be attached to a scope of work needed. FACT Construction Estimating helps by providing all the services required to move ahead without holding up the transactions.


Attorney’s need to be well versed and informed to properly represent their client’s. We provide and array of services to assist our clients so they are properly prepared and have the best chance of succeeding. Sometimes it’s understanding of the process, costs, and having some clarity to help parties agree. We provide that clarity.

Inspectors & Insurance Adjusters

Inspection reports and insurance claims require construction estimates for repairs or reconstruction. Our easy to use format compliments field reports generated by insurance adjustors. We seamlessly translate all the information into actual costs that can be used to rebuild/repair. Throughout the process, we work closely with all parties involved to move the rebuilding/repair process forward with positive results.