Professionally Prepared Estimates

Establishing an accurate and concise estimate is the most important criteria for a successful construction project. Every line, letter and number on a set of plans needs to be analyzed. FACT Construction Estimating provides the services required to properly cover costs, which leads to jobs done properly and cost effectively.

When a project is professionally estimated, positive results follow. Laying the ground work for success depends heavily on proper planning, and the best way to plan is to have all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Clients benefit from a professional estimating team that:

  • Prepares site-specific estimates based on current data and information
  • Utilizes software to break down plans and compile all unit costs
  • Shows specific costs for all vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Shows labor force required for each task involved in the construction process
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Consistency from one bid to the next is difficult to achieve unless you set a standardized format for bid submittals. FACT Construction Estimating can provide the necessary template to achieve consistency and ensure costs are covered.

It is always difficult to decide early on whether or not projects are financially feasible. Studies can be done using our offices historical data and/or an Architects Schematic Design Development. While nothing takes the place of fully completed Architectural Construction Documents and Specifications, with proper review, a Conceptual Estimate (see sample) can be executed.

From beginning to end, FACT provides all the professional processing and department submittals required to obtain Permits and Certificates of Occupancy. Each procedure is carefully examined, documents are collected, applications are filled out, and municipality requirements are satisfied.

Professional Expediting Services:

  • Building Dept
  • Health Dept – I/A Water Treatment Systems
  • Planning Dept
  • Conservation & Wetlands
  • Covenants
  • Zoning Board
  • Board of Trustees
  • Etc.

Every line, letter, and number on a set of plans equates to a task. These tasks need to be properly compiled and accounted for. With a proper review, costs are covered, projects are successful.

Many times, the approach to a particular facet of a construction project can be reevaluated to ascertain whether or not a different method could be more cost effective. It is beneficial to look into the means and methods proposed to see whether or not you can help the budget, and still produce successful results.

Vendors and suppliers will be directly contacted to provide the costs of their product. If product specifications are not provided, budgets will be submitted to represent the costs of goods necessary to complete the project.

Defining a Sub-Contractors place in the overall project is vital for success. It is of the utmost importance that you clearly define where a contractor’s responsibilities start and stop; and another’s begin.

Continuous Construction Management is vital to the success of all projects. As a continuation of our services FACT can provide Site Supervision, Scheduling, Schedule (breakdown) of Values, and an array of services to ensure projects success.

When it come to a successful project, nothing takes the place of an Architects Plans and Specifications. Our professional estimating is the perfect complement to the professional services offered by Architects. FACT provides breakdowns for every facet of the construction process.

Some Insurance claims simply require our professional estimates while other insurance claims require a cost comparison done. Our software and estimating format mirrors those used by insurance companies and have been effective tools in recuperating additional funds for damages.